Lead with clarity, perform your best and thrive deeply in life

Some people and organisations will not settle for just ”ok”. They have a desire to give the best they’ve got and make a unique difference in the world with their talents, skills and knowledge.

Some people want to live with freedom and work with heartfelt enthusiasm. They want to grow their business and truly serve others by creating extraordinary value and results they believe in.

And some people want to shake things up and live fun, adventurous lives – to be more, do more and experience more. They want to unfold their true nature and expand their capacity to thrive no matter the circumstances.

What they all have in common is a drive to live with reckless abandon and defy victim mentality. They want to feel alive and kicking with backbone and heart.

That’s the kind of leaders
and trailblazers I'm here for

Peter Baeklund (that's me) speak, coach, consult and publish to help you create breakthroughs in your business and life - with more flow and less friction.

You see, the only "secret" to performing effortlessly and thriving deeply - independent of circumstance - is understanding how your mind truly works.

The implications of seeing what really goes on behind the curtain are immense for you as a leader, performer, entrepreneur, partner, parent and world citizen.

The core focus is to help you:

I'm founder and owner of mikro makro media which currently consists of Klar Bevidsthed (danish) and peterbaeklund.com (international) + additional projects related to these two business units.

The latter site launches 2017 to better serve my international clients. Get free updates here and you'll also be notified when the site launches.

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